Educational Kit

$ 999.99

The Feeling Friends (TFF) Educational Kit is an engaging and all-inclusive teaching kit that gives an early learner the foundation to become emotionally successful.  The TFF Educational Kit is INTEGRATED WITH ACADEMICS  and provides educators the tools to teach children an emotional vocabulary and introduce them to the set of skills involved in identifying, expressing and managing their emotions.  TFF is a well-designed classroom and evidenced-based program that systematically promotes students’ social and emotional competencies, provides opportunities for practice and offers multi-year programming.    

There is something SPECIAL about TFF Educational Kit.   The Teacher's Guide is just that, a Guide.  The guide is filled with activities that are easy and fun to implement and includes separate lesson plans. The guide is designed to become an educator's GO-TO for SEL activities.  The stories are wonderful and impactful.  The music is catchy and filled with strategies for children.  The Feeling Friends Puppets are well made and engaging!   And the posters that an educator places in their classroom allow children the opportunity to learn the vocabulary by seeing The Feeling Friends displayed at all times.  TFF Educational Kit provides application, opportunities, and implementation strategies for SEL interactions by providing educators with the tools they need to teach SEL to students in a manner in which they are eager to receive.  

The Head Start Early Learning Framework 
The NC Foundations of Early Learning and Development 
The NC Standard Course of Study Healthful Living K-2 
The Social Development Domain of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA)  
The Collaborative Academic Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) Guide: Effective• Social and Emotional Learning Programs – Pre-School and Elementary 

 TFF Educational Kits includes: 

1 Teacher’s Guide that integrates SEL and STEAM activities into lesson plans for maximum learning throughout the day. 
13 Picture Books that evoke SEL engagement through images as well as words and, through the application of words by images.   
12 Puppets that help develop language and communication and support positive social and emotional development. 
1 Digital Music Album with catchy music and literacy videos that encourage student participation and movement. 
12 Posters that reinforce the feelings vocabulary. 
Digital Resource that includes a family engagement component that allows educators to connect with families.

If you are on the road to social-emotional learning, The Feeling Friends is a MUST HAVE for your classroom.

LOVE is the most important Feeling!